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2011-04-24 05:36 pm

[Duet 208] SaiYou - Stand By U

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Anyone ready for some Dong Bang Shin Ki?
Ready for some Saisawesomeness? :luvv:

We recorded this like...uhm...8-9-10 months(?) ago? XD I just totally forgot to finish mixing it ;; /bricks herself
So~~~Here we present youuu~~Stand By U by TVXQ :<3:
Hope you enjoy it ^o^

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2011-04-16 03:24 pm

[Duet 205] ChanJu - Again

 Again Cover with my lovely dongsaeng Chantelle ♥ (aka dbangshinee)

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I'm sooo sorry if there are some 'wrong' volumes, but I really tried to adjust everything as good as possible >o< And I'm really bad at it when the mic quality isnt the same (like my parts sounded like they were louder than hers, then I adjusted it and then I thought the music was ..burying down my voice XD) annyywayyss~~ hope you all will enjoy it still ^o^

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2011-04-16 11:48 am

[Duet 204] mei & rhea mix

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01. SS501 - Love Like This ( listen | lyrics )

02. U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni ( listen | lyrics )

03. December - Dazzling Tears ( listen | lyrics )
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2011-04-09 06:32 pm

[Duet 202] Meikimari & Rhea - Dream High

 Our attempt at our first Korean duet. XD Posted Image
Listen | Lyrics 
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2011-04-08 11:50 am

[Duet 201] SaiRi - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete

 ladestiny92 & rinrin sing a w songPosted Image


SaiRi - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete
Kago Ai: ladestiny92
Tsuji Nozomi: rinrin                            
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2011-04-07 09:31 pm

[Duet 200] Doomi - LOTUS

 YAY DUET 200~~~~yeah, me and tomiya finally gave ourselves a name HAHA. it's awesome, don't try to deny the truth.

okay, so, the chorus harmonies were like the most obscure things ever .____. i recorded my main parts like...2 weeks ago or something. and, well, i think i got the the high harmonies but FFFFFFF THOSE LOW HARMONIES WERE SO LOW. i was like /dying/ while trying to reach them. so...they're quiet. very HAHA

and tomiya put autotune on the epic ohno adlib cause he believes that it exists there. clearly he's a bit craaaazy ;D

so, um, sorry for the mixing fail. if you guys hear any. idunno, i'm not quite satisfied by this. (probably because my parts suck. why is this song so low)

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....i couldn't resist


Doomi - LOTUS
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2011-04-06 06:57 am

[Duet 199] YouLida - Calling Out

 A spontanious Duet between Elida and Me :D keke~~By the way its our first duet ^3^
Totally enjoyed singing it and I hope Elida did as well <3

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listen listen liiisten!

Hate it?Like it? - Comment away! :D
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2011-04-03 05:49 pm

[Duet 197] Tyndoones - Tokei Jikake no Umbrella

 ....I AM SORRY FOR THE DELAY, SONI. (again)and lol, harmonies are really imbalanced but i cba to fix them

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relevant picture is totally relevant

Tyndoones - Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
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2011-04-02 12:09 pm

[Duet 195] The Dreaming Chairs - Monster

 I feel like this is excessively loud right now, lol. /bricked. And yeah, those low notes are craaaaaaaazy. Thank god for may :D
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The Dreaming Chairs - Monster
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2011-03-20 12:35 am

[Duet 192] Intaru - We Fell in Love

for intaru's second anniversary :)))))) and to all the new(ish) members, kelley (hotarumyst) is quite awesome :D <3

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Intaru - We Fell in Love
Ga In - indoorlawnchair
Jo Kwon - hotarumyst
mixer - hotarumyst