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2011-04-24 05:36 pm

[Duet 208] SaiYou - Stand By U

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Anyone ready for some Dong Bang Shin Ki?
Ready for some Saisawesomeness? :luvv:

We recorded this like...uhm...8-9-10 months(?) ago? XD I just totally forgot to finish mixing it ;; /bricks herself
So~~~Here we present youuu~~Stand By U by TVXQ :<3:
Hope you enjoy it ^o^

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2011-04-17 01:37 pm


 DONE. FINALLY :D! thank you to all those who helped get this out :3

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Team I Wanna Protect You
Green: katzsong
Red: ladestiny92
Blue: lakuru
Orange: MoonStorm21
mixer: katzsong

Team I Wanna Make You Happy
Green: Minachi
Red: musiccutie
Blue: rinrin
Orange: rhea
mixer: rhea


Team Sexy Girl Come to Me
Subaru: 21cssk
Ryo: meikimari
Tacchon: rhea
Yasu: ladestiny92
Maru: lakuru
Hina: Minachi
Yoko: MoonStorm21
mixer: lakuru

Team Scary Guy Stole My Girl
Subaru: minerva
Ryo: yara
Tacchon: natsucchi
Yasu: rhea
Maru: sakurablossom
Hina: Arigatouima
Yoko: Kyorami
mixer: yara


Red: Arigatouima
Pink: katzsong
Blue: musiccutie
Aqua: rinrin
Green: xiahdreams
Bright Green: indoorlawnchair
Orange: meikimari
Yellow: Minachi
mixer: katzsong
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2011-04-17 12:38 pm

[PP 333] KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta

 kazu's pp is done!
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Team Aishiteru
singers: Kazuchiix3, sakurablosom, Nyantachan, KrizzTH, Saki, aozora_midori
mixer: Kazuchiix3

Team Mamoritai
singers: rhea, kurapikt, yuyu-chan24, ladestiny92, ichigojuice koorinotsuki
mixer: rhea

Team Mamoritai
singers: HeroinLamb, musiccutie, natsucchi, 21cssk, meikimari, Minachi
mixer: HeroinLamb
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2011-04-14 01:04 pm

[Solo 204] monochroma - Haru ni Kimi to

 Long time no see...hear!? idk. I wonder if people still remember me 8D. Anyway, have a song about spring (okay it's not really but it says so in the title!) since it's spring, woohoo!

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monochroma - Haru ni Kimi to
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2011-04-13 08:43 pm

[PP 332] NEWS - LIVE

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First team
Yamashita Tomohisa - CutiePi-e
Nishikido Ryo - rhea
Tegoshi Yuya - HeroinLamb
Masuda Takahisa - Katzsong
Kato Shigeaki - Luna
Koyama Keiichiro - Arigatouima
Mixer: HeroinLamb

Second team
Yamashita Tomohisa - Ladestiny92
Nishikido Ryo - musiccutie
Tegoshi Yuya - shiki0014
Masuda Takahisa - 21cssk
Kato Shigeaki - MoonStorm21
Koyama Keiichiro - meikimari
Mixer: rhea
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2011-04-08 11:50 am

[Duet 201] SaiRi - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete

 ladestiny92 & rinrin sing a w songPosted Image


SaiRi - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete
Kago Ai: ladestiny92
Tsuji Nozomi: rinrin                            
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2011-04-07 09:31 pm

[Duet 200] Doomi - LOTUS

 YAY DUET 200~~~~yeah, me and tomiya finally gave ourselves a name HAHA. it's awesome, don't try to deny the truth.

okay, so, the chorus harmonies were like the most obscure things ever .____. i recorded my main parts like...2 weeks ago or something. and, well, i think i got the the high harmonies but FFFFFFF THOSE LOW HARMONIES WERE SO LOW. i was like /dying/ while trying to reach them. so...they're quiet. very HAHA

and tomiya put autotune on the epic ohno adlib cause he believes that it exists there. clearly he's a bit craaaazy ;D

so, um, sorry for the mixing fail. if you guys hear any. idunno, i'm not quite satisfied by this. (probably because my parts suck. why is this song so low)

Posted Image
....i couldn't resist


Doomi - LOTUS
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2011-04-07 03:41 pm

[PP 331] flumpool Bloody Monday Mix

 sakurablosom's pp is dooooooneeeePosted Image


Over the rain ~Hikari no hashi~

red - xiahdreams
orange - ~FE~
yellow - indoorlawnchair
green - sakurablosom
blue - meikimari
purple - Arigatouima
mixer: indoorlawnchair

red - rhea
orange - MoonStorm21
yellow - Kyorami
green - Nyantachan
blue - Momohana
purple - ladestiny92
mixer: Kyorami


red - indoorlawnchair
orange - sakurablosom
yellow - Arigatouima
green - xiahdreams
blue - imheartsick
purple - meikimari
mixer: sakurablosom

red - Nyantachan
orange - Kyorami
yellow - MoonStorm21
green - Ariah`
blue - ladestiny92
purple - rhea
mixer: rhea
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2011-04-03 05:49 pm

[Duet 197] Tyndoones - Tokei Jikake no Umbrella

 ....I AM SORRY FOR THE DELAY, SONI. (again)and lol, harmonies are really imbalanced but i cba to fix them

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relevant picture is totally relevant

Tyndoones - Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
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2011-04-02 12:09 pm

[Duet 195] The Dreaming Chairs - Monster

 I feel like this is excessively loud right now, lol. /bricked. And yeah, those low notes are craaaaaaaazy. Thank god for may :D
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The Dreaming Chairs - Monster
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2011-03-03 10:50 pm

[Japan 21] Tenimyu Mix: Vol. 1

ohey, an op.
Posted Image


01. This is the Prince of Tennis - DL1
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | meikimari | katzsong | MoonStorm21 | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Luna | sakurablosom | Nyantachan | rosie | uchihaneitai

02. Kore ga Seigaku no Regular-jin nanoda - first musical
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | katzsong | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Luna | lakuru | rosie | Dinokakachan | uchihaneitai | xiahdreams | Nyantachan | sakurablosom | ~FE~ | Yuya

03. Challenge~Subete wa Shori no Tameni - side fudomine
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | ladestiny92 | Luna | sakurablosom | rosie | uchihaneitai

04. The Regulars - first musical
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | meikimari | katzsong | MoonStorm21 | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Luna | sakurablosom | Nyantachan | lakuru | rosie | Dinokakachan | uchihaneitai

05. Now and Forever - DL1
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | meikimari | katzsong | MoonStorm21 | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Luna | sakurablosom | Nyantachan | lakuru | rosie | xiahdreams | Dinokakachan | uchihaneitai

06. Victory - DL1
indoorlawnchair | Kyorami | Arigatouima | meikimari | katzsong | MoonStorm21 | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Luna | sakurablosom | Nyantachan | rosie | xiahdreams | uchihaneitai


I'm terribly for the wait. My mixing isn't even worth the wait, LOL. And while I was aware I would be working with crappy vocal cuts when I first opened this, mixing with the vocal cut is a whole different story, lol. And. The first song I mixed was Victory, which didn't have that bad of a vocal cut. So I had high expectations. But apparently only the DL1 vocal cuts decided to be good. So, yeah. But even if mixing this was a butt...I still want to open another Tenimyu mix in the future, lol.

And thank you to those that participated or covered! Hope you all enjoy :3

Oh. And I'm sorry for the blob that the lyrics became. googledocs is completely ignoring my paragraphs, i guess. >:
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2011-01-31 05:06 pm

[Solo 182] Ladestiny92 - Inori ~You Raise Me Up~

Ladestiny92 brings us her new solo!
Inori ~You Raise Me Up~

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