23 February 2011 @ 01:03 pm
[PP 319] T-ara - YaYaYa  
 lol i postponed this pp so much, yet was still the first to finish teh irony is delicious
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Team Shubidubi
Eunjung: Bbung
Hyomin: sakurablossom
Jiyeon: notochrasy
Soyeon: HiRymes
Boram: ChoKyu19
Q-ri: s e ii . ha
Hwayoung: aozora_midori
Mixer: HiRymes

Team Supernova
Eunjung: Kia~
Hyomin: newismyname
Jiyeon: Kyllia
Soyeon: musiccutie
Boram: asuka100492
Q-ri: kellyyl257
Hwayoung: babiixrose
Mixer: newismyname

Team Ooh Yee
Eunjung: 21cssk
Hyomin: LINDA
Jiyeon: ichigojuice
Soyeon: Arigatouima
Boram: rhea
Q-ri: Saki
Hwayoung: Momohana 
Mixer: rhea
07 May 2010 @ 04:17 pm
[Solo 129] Arigatouima - Falling U  
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Falling U
♫ ~ LISTEN ~ ♪
03 May 2010 @ 05:12 am
[PP 203] T-KARA  
babiixrose's mix pp of T-ARA & KARA is out!
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lyrics (T-ARA) // lyrics (KARA)

Crazy Because of You
Posted ImageTEAM SEXY SHADOWPosted Image l Posted ImageTEAM MAKE ME CRAZYPosted Image
EUNJUNG: toukorin l fefakm
HYOMIN: babiixrose l jool
JIYEON: Arigatouima l shiki0014
SOYEON: Ariah` l musiccutie
BORAM: graxa19 l kimjendrei
Q-RI: Minachi l jinaa.faye
Mixer: Arigatouima l Kyorami

Posted ImageI'm Really HurtPosted Image
HYOMIN: katzsong
JIYEON: notochrasy
SOYEON: Arigatouima
BORAM: Minachi
Q-RI: casali0810
Mixer: HiRymes

Posted ImageTEAM BACK IT UPPosted Image l Posted ImageTEAM TURN IT UPPosted Image
Nicole: Arigatouima l Kaycchi
Gyuri: toukorin l fefakm
Jiyoung: HiRymes l notochrasy
Seungyeon: katzsong l musiccutie
Hara: babiixrose l graxa19
Mixer: Arigaotuima l notochrasy
25 April 2010 @ 01:46 am
[Duet 106] indoorlawnchair & jool - TTL Listen 2  
I took forever, and I still fail, in many ways :| But let's just be in awe at jools rapping, yy?
yes i added a vocal cut to the instrumental

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indoorlawnchair & jool - TTL Listen 2
05 April 2010 @ 03:48 pm
[Solo 115] Luvfaytdestini - Rolling  
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Brit sings Jiyeon's solo song from the God of Study OST

♫ ~ LISTEN ~ ♪
22 March 2010 @ 10:23 am
[PP 191] T-ara Absolute Mix  
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Bo Peep Bo Peep
Team Bo Peep Oh!
Eunjung - musiccutie
Hyomin - HiRymes
Jiyeon - Saki
Soyeon - babiixrose
Boram - Kaycchi
Q-ri - Hitomi
Mixer - HiRymes

Team Bo Peep Ah Ah!
Eunjung - fefakm
Hyomin - Minachi
Jiyeon - Arigatouima
Soyeon - hotarumyst
Boram - shiki0014
Q-ri - graxa19
Mixer - Arigatouima

Like the First Time
Team Champagne
Eunjung - Arigatouima
Hyomin - newismyname
Jiyeon - babiixrose
Soyeon - bigmow
Boram - musiccutie
Q-ri - HiRymes
Mixer - bigmow

Team Jewellery Chain
Eunjung - Ariah`
Hyomin - shiki0014
Jiyeon - hotarumyst
Soyeon - fefakm
Boram - graxa19
Q-ri - Elida
Mixer - hotarumyst

Apple is A+
Team T-ara Love
Eunjung - bigmow
Hyomin - babiixrose
Jiyeon - HiRymes
Soyeon - musiccutie
Boram - Nyantachan
Q-ri - fefakm
Mixer - casali0810

Team My Boy Boy
Eunjung - shiki0014
Hyomin - Elida
Jiyeon - Minachi
Soyeon - Arigatouima
Boram - graxa19
Q-ri - ichigojuice
Mixer - shiki0014
14 March 2010 @ 09:11 pm
[Duet 93] NJP Comeback  
LMAO, Jade has finally found some time to record with me again *tears* and college life is busy for her. booo~ I'll be in college this upcoming fall. But anyways we recorded a duet and a few solos and yeah just smash it all into one post XD I have no picture to post up..unless I can snag a picture of jade on her facebook---KEKEKE.

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TTL2 - T-ARA and Supernova
Loner - C.N.Blue

I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ARA
Mister - KARA

Betrayed - Taegoon
Fan - Epik HIgh
10 March 2010 @ 09:00 pm
[Duet 92] jool & Luvfaytdestini - Time to Love  
another duet~

Posted Image

jool & brit - TTL
09 March 2010 @ 02:49 am
[Solo 105] newismyname - autotune a day  
So as most of you know I had that 10-day trial of that EVO Auto-tune stuff so I went crazy and recorded a bunch of stuff with the auto-tune. I was trying to do a "record-a-day" but then I got the cold and my voice is dead like it is still today---so that idea didn't work. But I did do some songs in that time just not...10 like I wanted (crazy I know). This is what auto-tune does to you people. u_u its so amazing. It makes me sound less ugly and more sexy 8D!!

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Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Seven
Day Nine

And then day ten there was a surprise(?) to some people who cares I guess 8D....or who knows about us..yes. Be on the lookout cause we are still alive and will be spitting more songs out there! ♥ much love~! WE ARE BACK.

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click the picture to listen!
26 February 2010 @ 12:49 pm
[Duet 89] RyRy - Like the first time  
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Duet by Jool and HiRymes. (:

20 October 2009 @ 01:45 pm
[PP 125] Tiara & CSS - TTL (Time To Love)  
mistyblue's first PP~
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TTL (Time To Love)


team one
Rapper 01: debx3
Rapper 02: misty blue
Singer 03: fefakm
Singer 04: babiixrose

team two
Rapper 01: monochroma
Rapper 02: Arigatouima
Singer 03: indoorlawnchair
Singer 04: Kaycchi

27 August 2009 @ 07:46 am
[PP 110] T-ara - Good Person  
babiixrose's first pp and also the first AK T-ara cover is done!


Team 1
Ji Yeon - babiixrose
Ji Won - indoorlawnchair
Ji Ae - Arigatouima
Eun Jung - monochroma
Hyo Min - musiccutie
Mixer: monochroma

Team 2
Ji Yeon - jaslyn92
Ji Won - bigmow
Ji Ae - fefakm
Eun Jung - monochroma
Hyo Min - Seagull shiki0014
Mixer: monochroma