16 April 2011 @ 03:24 pm
[Duet 205] ChanJu - Again  
 Again Cover with my lovely dongsaeng Chantelle ♥ (aka dbangshinee)

Posted Image

I'm sooo sorry if there are some 'wrong' volumes, but I really tried to adjust everything as good as possible >o< And I'm really bad at it when the mic quality isnt the same (like my parts sounded like they were louder than hers, then I adjusted it and then I thought the music was ..burying down my voice XD) annyywayyss~~ hope you all will enjoy it still ^o^

04 September 2010 @ 12:13 pm
[Korea 26] MBLAQ - Y + One Better Day  
 Posted Imagelyrics

Team 1 listen Posted Image
Seungho - Bigmow
Joon - YamapiXmas
GO - HiRymes
Thunder - Kaycchi
Mir - Arigatouima
mixer: HiRymes

Team 2 listen Posted Image
Seungho - Minachi
Joon - Bbung
GO - Newismyname
Thunder - Sakurablosom
Mir - Babiixrose
mixer: newismyname

Team 3 listen Posted Image
Seungho - Musiccutie
Joon - Notochrasy
GO - Nyantachan
Thunder - Asuka100492
Mir - Jinaa.faye
mixer: Notochrasy

One Better Day
Team 1 listen Posted Image
Seungho - HiRymes
Joon - Bigmow
GO - YamapiXmas
Thunder - Arigatouima
Mir - Kaycchi
mixer: Arigatouima

Team 2 listen Posted Image
Seungho - Sakurablosom
Joon - Tomiya
GO - Babiixrose
Thunder - Minachi
Mir - Asuka100492
mixer: Asuka100492
04 September 2010 @ 08:54 am
[EYHO 04] Forever Summer  
 It's finally here! Our first album... (though it's kinda short for an album now but whatever)
This album has been through so much drama I cannot describe how relieving it is to finally have this thing released!
And just in time for summer September too! :D Hope you enjoy our covers and look forward to our next release! :yay:

Posted Image
~click here for extra album photos~

Summer Time

I'm a Loner



If You Come Into My Heart
09 February 2010 @ 06:24 pm
[PP 176] G.O.O.D Dream mix  
Posted Image
good luv lyrics / my dream lyrics

Posted ImageTeam My Luv Posted Image| Posted ImageTeam Your LuvPosted Image | Posted ImageTeam Our LuvPosted Image
Seungho: Bigmow | jinaa.faye | Arigatouima
G.O: Indoorlawnchair | Graxa19 | Nyantachan
Joon: YamapiXmas | Babiixrose | YouJuChan
Mir: Hotarumyst | HiRymes | Newismyname
Thunder: Roriline | Kaycchi | Ariah`

Mixer: Bigmow | Bigmow | Arigatouima

Posted ImageTeam My DreamPosted Image | Posted ImageTeam Your DreamPosted Image
Seungho: Roriline | YouJuChan
G.O: Notochrasy | Arigatouima
Joon: Bigmow | Nyantachan
Mir: YamapiXmas | Babiixrose

Mixer: YamapiXmas | YamapiXmas
08 February 2010 @ 07:19 am
[Duet 80] Joonmir - Oh Yeah  
JoonMir (aka YamapiXmas and bigmow) did their second duet. : D
It is Oh Yeah by MBLAQ. : D They made it for their 100 day anniversary
30 November 2009 @ 05:34 pm
[PP 137] MBLAQ - Oh Yeah  
Posted Image

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah



Lee Joon - Kaycchi
Seung Ho - Bigmow
G.O - Arigatouima
Mir - Newismyname
Cheon Dung - Knackchan08
mixer - kaycchi


Lee Joon - Ariah
Seung Ho - Nyantachan
G.O - Indoorlawnchair
Mir - Monochroma
Cheon Dung - Kaycchi
mixer - kaycchi
Hyuna - Fefakm