17 April 2011 @ 12:38 pm
[PP 333] KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta  
 kazu's pp is done!
Posted Image

Team Aishiteru
singers: Kazuchiix3, sakurablosom, Nyantachan, KrizzTH, Saki, aozora_midori
mixer: Kazuchiix3

Team Mamoritai
singers: rhea, kurapikt, yuyu-chan24, ladestiny92, ichigojuice koorinotsuki
mixer: rhea

Team Mamoritai
singers: HeroinLamb, musiccutie, natsucchi, 21cssk, meikimari, Minachi
mixer: HeroinLamb
13 April 2011 @ 02:10 pm
[Duet 203] Mina & Rhea - ONE ON ONE  
14 January 2011 @ 10:56 am
[PP 307] KAT-TUN (Remember, Give me)  
Posted Image
REMEMBER | lyrics

Team Remember me listen Posted Image
singers: rinrin | ladestiny92 | meikimari | HeroinLamb
rappers: rhea | minachi

Team Never forget listen Posted Image
singers: Hitomi | Kazuchiix3 21cssk | musiccutie | Puchi
rappers: Saki | Arigatouima

Team Give me one more chance listen Posted Image
singers: rinrin | ladestiny92 | rhea | Saki
rappers: meikimari

Team I wanna be with you listen Posted Image
singers: Hitomi | musiccutie | Kazuchiix3 | koorinotsuki
rappers: minachi
25 December 2010 @ 07:30 pm
[Event 06] Christmas 2010  
okay, so, i was actually done with mixing like 12 hours ago. But with the whole new idea that Kristy came up for the Christmas messages...I had to wait for those. And I'm still waiting for them, but someone nudged me to release this so we're not delaying this.

BUT YEAH. Keep an eye for additions to the album. Both the messages & other private covers. (Yup, all christmas covers that weren't able to be completed in time, just shoot me a pm and I'll add it to here)


Posted Image


01. Love in Ice Multilingual Version 「 L I S T E N 」

Group 1: notochrasy | kohaku_96 | Kyorami | indoorlawnchair | ~FE~ | xiahdreams | qingyun2311 | 21cssk | jinaa.faye | asuka100492 | mysticwater | s e ii . ha
Group 2: YouJuChan | Arigatouima | CutiePi-e | sakurablosom | meikimari | Kia~ | Saki | MoonStorm21 | lindeRT101 | HeroinLamb | ichigojuice | kellyyl257 | Minachi
Group 3: katzsong | lakuru | HiRymes | bigmow | imheartsick | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Momohana | newismyname |babiixrose | rinrin | rhea | Nyantachan
mixers: Kyorami (1), indoorlawnchair (2, 3, final)

02. Ojamajo Happy Christmas 「 L I S T E N 」

Group 1: indoorlawnchair | ~FE~ | Nana1091 | rosie | katzsong | meikimari | Kyorami | ladestiny92 | Momohana
Group 2: bigmow | meikimari | HiRymes | musiccutie | notochrasy | Saki | Arigatouima | babiixrose | mysticwater | lakuru
mixers: Kyorami (1), Arigatouima (2), indoorlawnchair (final)

03. Ding-Dong (TOKIO) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: CutiePi-e | HeroinLamb
mixer: HeroinLamb

04. Boku wa Santa Claus (Funky Monkey Babys) 「 L I S T E N 」

EYHO: HiRymes | kebinu | Tomiya | MoonStorm21 | linkthe2nd
mixer: HiRymes

05. Snow Song (Hey! Say! JUMP) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ladestiny92 | rhea
mixer: rhea

06. White Xmas (KAT-TUN) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Kyorami (Kame) | meikimari (Akanishi) | Luna (Taguchi) | Minachi (Tanaka) | ladestiny92 (Ueda) | rhea (Nakamaru)
mixer: meikimari

07. Winter Love (Ueto Aya) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Momohana | stillwishing27
mixer: stillwishing27

08. Ano hi no Merry Christmas (Arashi) 「 T E A M 1 」 「 T E A M 2 」

Team 1: ladestiny92 (Ohno) | MoonStorm21 (Sho) | katzsong (Nino) | musiccutie (Aiba) | ichigojuice (Jun)
mixer: ichigojuice

Team 2: Dinokakachan (Ohno) | indoorlawnchair (Sho) | rhea (Nino) | xiahdreams (Aiba) | meikimari (Jun)
mixer: rhea

09. Harmony of December (Kinki Kids) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Tomiya | rhea
mixer: rhea

10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad (CSJH -The Grace-) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ~Fe~ | indoorlawnchair | hotarumyst | xiahdreams | YouJuChan | bigmow | Bbung | notochrasy | Tokyo
mixer: indoorlawnchair

11. Show me Your Love (DBSK & SJ) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: babiixrose | notochrasy | lindeRT101 | newismyname | shiki0014 | Tomie | stillwishing27 | sakurablosom | Honey | s e ii . ha | xiahdreams
mixer: newismyname

12. Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas (Ranma ½) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: LuvDaisuke | Tomie | xiahdreams | 21cssk | ladestiny92 | Kyorami | Arigatouima
mixer: Tomie

13. Sweet Merry Christmas (Vocaloid) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ladestiny92 (Len) | Arigatouima (Rin) | MoonStorm21 (Kaito) | musiccutie (Miku) | ichigojuice (Meiko) | rhea (Gakupo)
mixer: Arigatouima

14. Love in The Ice Japanese Version (DBSK) 「 L I S T E N 」

Raining Asians: LuvDaisuke | Kebinu | LunaChama
mixer: Kebinu

BONUS. Member Messages 「 L I S T E N 」

mixer: mysticwater
17 December 2010 @ 08:25 pm
[Newb 05] KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop  
Kazuchiix3's Newbie Project is finally out~!

Posted Image


Kazuya Kamenashi: Kazuchiix3
Jin Akanishi: 21cssk
Junnosuke Taguchi: Rhea
Koki Tanaka: Natsucchi
Tatsuya Ueda: RinRin
Yuichi Nakamaru: Arren
mixer: Rhea
10 December 2010 @ 12:31 pm
[Solo 177] Tomiya's Johnny's Pre-Christmas Release!!  
From Tomiya:
Hello everyone so here are my new covers of some newer songs from Johnnys artist!
This is mine like pre-christmas release! XD So yeah check it! And I hope you like it!
Also adjust youre volume beacuse I dont know anymore if everysong is mixed so good when your looking on volume so yeah!
Thank you! Enjoy like I did! ^____^



~Hatenai Sora~

~Ano Hi no Merry Christmas~


~Only Dreaming~


~Fighting Man~
(personaly my favourite cover from all ^^)




~Change Your World~


~Hitomi no Screen~
12 August 2010 @ 06:09 pm
[Duet 146] HeroinLamb & meikimari - Special Happiness  
10 August 2010 @ 03:45 pm
 CutiePi-e's second PP is done!
Posted Image

l y r i c s

Kame - HeroinLamb
Jin - CutiePi-e
Koki - MoonStorm21
Maru - sakurablosom
Junno - r_and_r
Ueda - ladestiny92
Mixer: rhea

Kame - 0ceana
Jin - meikimari
Koki - Kyorami
Maru - musiccutie
Junno - Saki
Ueda - miimii~chu
Mixer: Kyorami

Team Heartthrob
Kame - Sephiel
Jin - Hitomi
Koki - Aralana
Maru - lakuru
Junno - amethyst-star
Ueda - rhea
Mixer: Hitomi
10 August 2010 @ 01:43 pm
[Duet 144] Rhea & RinRin - I'll Be With You  
 Rhea and RinRin made a duet of I'll Be With You by KAT-TUN. : )
Posted Image

03 August 2010 @ 12:00 pm
[PP 247] KAT-TUN - Our Story ~Prologue~  
 HeroinLamb's PP is done!Posted Image


Team Prologue ♪ LISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya - CutiePi-e
Akanishi Jin - HeroinLamb
Taguchi Junnosuke - Dinokakachan
Tanaka Koki - Minachi
Ueda Tatsuya - sakurablosom
Nakamaru Yuichi - HiRymes
Mixer - rhea

Team Epilogue ♪ LISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya - ale_paradise
Akanishi Jin - Hitomi
Taguchi Junnosuke - Aralana
Tanaka Koki - Saki
Ueda Tatsuya - ladestiny92
Nakamaru Yuichi - 0ceana
Mixer - meikimari

Team Chapter ♪ LISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya - musiccutie
Akanishi Jin - meikimari
Taguchi Junnosuke - rhea
Tanaka Koki - amethyst-star
Ueda Tatsuya - miimii~chu
Nakamaru Yuichi - Momohana
Mixer - Momohana 
08 July 2010 @ 05:23 pm
[PP 233] KAT-TUN - Going!  
 0ceana's PP is done ;)
Listen~ <3

Posted Image

Team Going!
Kamenashi Kazuya: Sakurablosom
Taguchi Junnosuke: Kyorami
Tanaka Koki: Minachi
Ueda Tatsuya: Honey
Nakamaru Yuichi: 0ceana
mixer: Kyorami

Team For Dream~
Kamenashi Kazuya: Fefakm
Taguchi Junnosuke: Dinokakachan
Tanaka Koki: Arigatouima
Ueda Tatsuya: Indoorlawnchair
Nakamaru Yuichi: Ladestiny92
mixer: Indoorlawnchair

Team Everybody
Kamenashi Kazuya: Saki
Taguchi Junnosuke: Hitomi
Tanaka Koki: Ichigojuice
Ueda Tatsuya: Kaycchi
Nakamaru Yuichi: Musiccutie
mixer: Kaycchi
24 June 2010 @ 12:55 pm
[PP 227] KAT-TUN - Precious One  
Eiri's KAT-TUN pp is done

Posted Image


Team PreciousLISTEN

Kamenashi Kazuya - musiccutie
Akanishi Jin - lakuru
Taguchi Junnosuke - sakurablosom
Tanaka Koki - rhea
Ueda Tatsuya - amethyst-star
Nakamaru Yuichi - indoorlawnchair
Mixer: lakuru

Team ValuableLISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya - Sephiel
Akanishi Jin - meikimari
Taguchi Junnosuke - Luna
Tanaka Koki - CutiePi-e
Ueda Tatsuya - Niji
Nakamaru Yuichi - HeroinLamb
Mixer: lakuru

Team WorthyLISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya - newismyname
Akanishi Jin - Hitomi
Taguchi Junnosuke - Nyantachan
Tanaka Koki - KrizzTH
Ueda Tatsuya - ladestiny92
Nakamaru Yuichi - Momohana
Mixer: Hitomi                           
20 March 2010 @ 08:20 pm
[Duet 94] Intaru - Kizuna  
One year ago, me and kelley bonded after we learned that we both lived in ohio because of the ogt's.

So, we planned this weeks ago, but decided to get it out now in celebration of our anniversary :) Fitting song

Posted Image


Intaru - Kizuna
12 March 2010 @ 08:44 pm
[Japan 17] Johnny's New Hits  
ACK. I'm sorry for the delay ;____; this didn't get out soon, like i wanted. but thanks so much for the help, mixers!

Posted Image


01. Guilty - V6

Team truth 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: indoorlawnchair | notochrasy | Kimitsu | mongtsatsa | lakuru | mysticwater | SingyeEx | 0ceana | ichigojuice | musiccutie | ladestiny92 | Kyorami | Arigatouima | bigmow
mixer: mongtsatsa

02. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella - Arashi

Team Clockwork 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: indoorlawnchair | Nyantachan | Kaycchi | Aralana | Kimitsu | HiRymes | debx3 | Luna | Tesshi | Hitomi | ladestiny92 | ichigojuice | 0ceana | musiccutie | Tomiya | Honey | Arigatouima | shiki0014 | bigmow
mixer: indoorlawnchair

03. Sotto Kyutto - SMAP

Team miracle 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: HiRymes | lakuru | ichigojuice | 0ceana | musiccutie | Kyllia | Arigatouima | bigmow | indoorlawnchair | Kimitsu | ki-se-ki | Luna | ladestiny92 | shiki0014 | mysticwater
mixer: Kaycchi


Team Love You 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: indoorlawnchair | fefakm | hotarumyst | Nyantachan | Aralana | Kyorami | 0ceana | Luna
mixer: indoorlawnchair

Team Want You 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: bigmow | Kimitsu | Hitomi | Arigatouima | Kaycchi | HiRymes | HeroinLamb | ladestiny92
mixer: musiccutie

05. Taiyou to Sabaku no Bara - Tokio

Team Desert 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: Nyantachan | Kaycchi | lakuru | 0ceana | ichigojuice | Arigatouima | bigmow | cheeseplantcake | indoorlawnchair | shiki0014
mixer: Arigatouima

06. cinematic - Kanjani8

Team Shine 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: indoorlawnchair | Aralana | notochrasy | lakuru | Tesshi | tegoyan_desu | mysticwater | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | HiRymes | Luna | HeroinLamb | Arigatouima | shiki0014
mixer: lakuru

07. weeeek - NEWS

Team tomorrow 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: hotarumyst | debx3 | newismyname | tegoyan_desu | knackchan08 | Honey | Tesshi | shiki0014 | Kaycchi | indoorlawnchair
mixer: musiccutie

Team future 「 L I S T E N 」
singers: Luna | musiccutie | lakuru | ladestiny92 | HiRymes | ichigojuice | Hitomi | Nyantachan | SingyeEx | Kyorami
mixer: Kyorami

09 March 2010 @ 06:49 pm
[PP 185] KAT-TUN - Sadistic Love  
Hi everyone, this is Hitomi!
Finally this is done and you can all enjoy it!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to put my all in it because well, school play, computer crashing, and a vacation. Everyone knows that kinda stuff happens deshou? So I hope you can enjoy it even though the mixing isn`t perfection XD! Plus, homg worst time to get sick!

Posted Image


Team SadisticLISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya: Hitomi
Akanishi Jin: lakuru
Taguchi Junnosuke: HeroinLamb
Tanaka Koki: Arigatouima
Ueda Tatsuya: HiRymes
Nakamaru Yuichi: Luna
Mixer: Hitomi

Team MasochisticLISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya: hotarumyst
Akanishi Jin: indoorlawnchair
Taguchi Junnosuke: shiki0014
Tanaka Koki: Kyorami
Ueda Tatsuya: fefakm
Nakamaru Yuichi: Aralana
Mixer: Kyorami
05 February 2010 @ 08:26 pm
[PP 174] KAT-TUN - Water Dance  
Aralana's second PP :)

Posted Image


Kamenashi Kazuya: Hitomi
Akanishi Jin: YamapiXmas
Taguchi Junnosuke: Aralana
Tanaka Koki: Kyorami
Ueda Tatsuya: Honey
Nakamaru Yuichi: indoorlawnchair
Mixer: Hitomi

Team DropsLISTEN
Kamenashi Kazuya: musiccutie
Akanishi Jin: lakuru
Taguchi Junnosuke: HeroinLamb
Tanaka Koki: HiRymes
Ueda Tatsuya: ladestiny92
Nakamaru Yuichi: 0ceana
Mixer: cuizy
24 December 2009 @ 02:49 pm
[Event 02] Christmas 2009  

That's right bitches! We made it! With a day to spare on the North American side of the world!
Embrace this epic release and comment up a storm! Prob some of our best quality songs are in this release! Great job everyone and thanks agian to all the awesome mixers and quick covers!
I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you at AK.
Thanks for making this year so bloody awesome!

Posted Image



01. Love in the Ice Multilingual (Eng/Jap/Kor) - DBSK - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, kebinu, musiccutie, notochrasy, ichigojuice, indoorlawnchair , Nyantachan, mle_shock, shiki0014, lakuru, Arigatouima, bigmow, Kimitsu, Kyorami, Kaycchi, Ariah`, HiRymes, HeroinLamb, fefakm, newismyname, Youjuchan
mixer: indoorlawnchair

02. White Light - Namie Amuro - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, ichigojuice, shiki0014, 0ceana, Tokyo, Kaycchi, Ariah`, Arigatouima, Rosie
mixer: mysticwater

03. Last Christmas - EXILE - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, musiccutie, indoorlawnchair, tegoyan_desu, bigmow, graxa19, Tomiya, ladestiny92, shiki0014, lakuru, Luna, Arigatouima, 0ceana, Kyorami, Kaycchi, MiniPralin, cheeseplantcake
mixer: bigmow

04. Winter Love - BoA - LISTEN
Singers: indoorlawnchair, bluesky, debx3, Hitomi, ladestiny92, shiki0014, lakuru, Honey, musiccutie, Kyorami, Arigatouima, Kimitsu, Kaycchi, Tesshi, Rosie
mixer: YamapiXmas

05. Another Christmas - Kinki Kids - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, musiccutie, indoorlawnchair, mle_shock, tegoyan_desu, Kaycchi, Arigatouima, HeroinLamb, 0ceana, Kimitsu, cuizy, Tesshi
mixer: Kyorami

06. Love Melody - SNSD - LISTEN
Singers: musiccutie, Huishan, indoorlawnchair, Honey, YouJuChan, Arigatouima, bigmow, Kyorami, Roriline, hotarumyst, YamapiXmas, Kaycchi, MiniPralin, Shiki0014, Rosie
mixer: Arigatouima

07. White Xmas - KAT-TUN - LISTEN (Team 1) || LISTEN (Team 2)
Team 1: hotarumyst, knackchan08, cuizy, cheeseplantcake, musiccutie, bluesky, ladestiny92, Honey, Kyorami, shiki0014, fefakm
Team 2: Kaycchi, Nyantachan, debx3 graxa19, Hitomi, tegoyan_desu, Tesshi, mysticwater, Luna, mle_shock, HeroinLamb, newismyname
mixer: indoorlawnchair

08. Yuki no Hana - Nakashima Mika - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, musiccutie, ichigojuice, bluesky, Tokyo, ladestiny92, shiki0014, lakuru, Arigatouima, cuizy, Kaycchi, Ariah`, Rosie
mixer: lakuru

09. Show me Your Love - DBSK/SuJu - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, musiccutie, knackchan08, Nyantachan, notochrasy, ichigojuice, hotarumyst, indoorlawnchair, shiki0014, fefakm, graxa19, Honey, Arigatouima, YamapiXmas, bigmow, Kimitsu, Kyorami, Kaycchi, Ariah`
mixer: hotarumyst

10. Snow Express - NEWS - LISTEN
Singers: kebinu, Luna, musiccutie, knackchan08, notochrasy, ichigojuice, hotarumyst, indoorlawnchair, tegoyan_desu, bluesky, debx3, ladestiny92, mle_shock, shiki0014, lakuru, Honey, Nyantachan, Arigatouima, HeroinLamb, 0ceana, mysticwater, Kimitsu, Kyorami, Kaycchi, MiniPralin, cheeseplantcake, Tesshi, newismyname, FruityTunes Tomiya, Youjuchan
mixer: Kaycchi

11. Everlasting Snow - Dream - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, Shiki0014, ladestiny92, Arigatouima, 0ceana, Kimitsu, Kyorami, Kaycchi
mixer: Kyorami

12. 10 Nengo no Kyou no Hi mo – Kanjani8 - LISTEN
Singers: mysticwater, musiccutie, notochrasy, indoorlawnchair, tegoyan_desu, bluesky, shiki0014, lakuru, Honey, Kyorami, Kaycchi, cheeseplantcake
mixer: mysticwater
08 November 2009 @ 09:43 pm
[Newb 01] First Debut  
Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally out! Let's give a round of applause to all the newbs that have participated in this project. Congratulations on your debut, guys :) Thanks a lot to all the new members who joined, making this project a big success. Also, thanks to all those who helped with covering and mixing. You guys made this release possible at this point of time.

Enjoy listening~ And we hope to see you newbs participating in projects soon :D

Posted Image


01. Cherish

Team Northeast 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Ariel, Hitomi, Nyantachan, YamapiXmas, Kimitsu, keiko8, notochrasy, pawneternal, Kyorami, Luna, Tomiya, harmonies
Mixer: indoorlawnchair

Team Southwest 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Akiha_Tohno, HeroinLamb, HeroinLamb, Landy, Kojima, cryptokanji, kebinu, roxxilol, bluesky, Luna, Kyorami, ino-chan
Mixer: kebinu

02. Real Face

Team Jungle 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Hitomi, Kyorami, Luna, Nyantachan, Yuriski, Kimitsu, jaslyn92, HeroinLamb, Realllyconfused
Mixer: Hitomi

Team Mountain 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: HeroinLamb, HikariNoNiji, Tomiya, ichigojuice, kebinu, niji_no_namida, pawneternal, Kyorami, cryptokanji
Mixer: hotarumyst

03. Ulta Music Power

Team Hey! 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: kebinu, Hanyou_Foxgirl, HikariNoNiji, Kyllia, SingyeEx, Yuriski, ladestiny92, Nyantachan
Mixer: kebinu

Team Say! 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: keiko8, niji_no_namida, notochrasy, roxxilol, shouie_yuri, bluesky, Kimitsu, cryptokanji, Kojima, ino-chan
Mixer: kebinu

04. Okaeri

Team Sweet 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Tokyo, YamapiXmas, debx3, Akiha_Tohno, Realllyconfused
Mixer: Arigatouima

Team Home 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: SingyeEx, ichigojuice, jaslyn92, keiko8, misty blue
Mixer: YamapiXmas

NOTE: pawneternal and roxxilol's parts (...and some UMP2 adlibs) are temporarily replaced. Something happened with their recordings, but they wouldn't be able to submit their recordings again any time soon. For the sake of all of us, we're releasing this now, using parts from the other teams to temporarily replace their parts. Once they come back and are able to upload their parts, we will update with the new version
02 March 2009 @ 03:58 pm
[PP 18] KAT-TUN - Distance  
that's the PP holded by kogome18

Posted Image

KAT-TUN - Distance


Kamenashi Kazuya - Indoorlawnchair
Akanishi Jin - Hanipazui
Taguchi Junnosuke - mysticwater
Tanaka Koki - Arigatouima
Ueda Tatsuya - Kaycchi
Nakamaru Yuichi - newismyname
mixer: arigatouima

Kamenashi Kazuya - tegorin_news
Akanishi Jin - ai_no_matador
Taguchi Junnosuke - Fefakm
Tanaka Koki - fefakm
Ueda Tatsuya - 0ceana
Nakamaru Yuichi - kaishinyah
mixer: ai_no_matador

Kamenashi Kazuya - arigatouima
Akanishi Jin - ryojin_akanishikido
Taguchi Junnosuke - kaishinyah
Tanaka Koki - hanipazui
Ueda Tatsuya - Kaycchi
Nakamaru Yuichi - ai_no_matador
mixer: arigatouima

First Cover Mixed: Blue

Cover: Red
Kame: indoorlawnchair
Nishi: hanipazui
Junno: fefakm
Koki: hanipazui/Arigatouima
Ueda: 0ceana
Maru: newismyname

Miss Distance: 0ceana
Miss Uta: indoorlawnchair
Miss Koe: fefakm