19 January 2011 @ 11:34 pm
[PP 310] Hey!Say!JUMP - Futarigake no Basho  
Luvdaisuke's first PP has been completed!

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LISTEN ♫ | Lyrics

Singers: Luvdaisuke | Momohana | dblueluphYUKI | Dinokakachan | ladestiny92
21cssk | rinrin | rhea | musiccutie | aozora_midori | Arigatouima | MoonStorm21
25 December 2010 @ 07:30 pm
[Event 06] Christmas 2010  
okay, so, i was actually done with mixing like 12 hours ago. But with the whole new idea that Kristy came up for the Christmas messages...I had to wait for those. And I'm still waiting for them, but someone nudged me to release this so we're not delaying this.

BUT YEAH. Keep an eye for additions to the album. Both the messages & other private covers. (Yup, all christmas covers that weren't able to be completed in time, just shoot me a pm and I'll add it to here)


Posted Image


01. Love in Ice Multilingual Version 「 L I S T E N 」

Group 1: notochrasy | kohaku_96 | Kyorami | indoorlawnchair | ~FE~ | xiahdreams | qingyun2311 | 21cssk | jinaa.faye | asuka100492 | mysticwater | s e ii . ha
Group 2: YouJuChan | Arigatouima | CutiePi-e | sakurablosom | meikimari | Kia~ | Saki | MoonStorm21 | lindeRT101 | HeroinLamb | ichigojuice | kellyyl257 | Minachi
Group 3: katzsong | lakuru | HiRymes | bigmow | imheartsick | ladestiny92 | musiccutie | Momohana | newismyname |babiixrose | rinrin | rhea | Nyantachan
mixers: Kyorami (1), indoorlawnchair (2, 3, final)

02. Ojamajo Happy Christmas 「 L I S T E N 」

Group 1: indoorlawnchair | ~FE~ | Nana1091 | rosie | katzsong | meikimari | Kyorami | ladestiny92 | Momohana
Group 2: bigmow | meikimari | HiRymes | musiccutie | notochrasy | Saki | Arigatouima | babiixrose | mysticwater | lakuru
mixers: Kyorami (1), Arigatouima (2), indoorlawnchair (final)

03. Ding-Dong (TOKIO) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: CutiePi-e | HeroinLamb
mixer: HeroinLamb

04. Boku wa Santa Claus (Funky Monkey Babys) 「 L I S T E N 」

EYHO: HiRymes | kebinu | Tomiya | MoonStorm21 | linkthe2nd
mixer: HiRymes

05. Snow Song (Hey! Say! JUMP) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ladestiny92 | rhea
mixer: rhea

06. White Xmas (KAT-TUN) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Kyorami (Kame) | meikimari (Akanishi) | Luna (Taguchi) | Minachi (Tanaka) | ladestiny92 (Ueda) | rhea (Nakamaru)
mixer: meikimari

07. Winter Love (Ueto Aya) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Momohana | stillwishing27
mixer: stillwishing27

08. Ano hi no Merry Christmas (Arashi) 「 T E A M 1 」 「 T E A M 2 」

Team 1: ladestiny92 (Ohno) | MoonStorm21 (Sho) | katzsong (Nino) | musiccutie (Aiba) | ichigojuice (Jun)
mixer: ichigojuice

Team 2: Dinokakachan (Ohno) | indoorlawnchair (Sho) | rhea (Nino) | xiahdreams (Aiba) | meikimari (Jun)
mixer: rhea

09. Harmony of December (Kinki Kids) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: Tomiya | rhea
mixer: rhea

10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad (CSJH -The Grace-) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ~Fe~ | indoorlawnchair | hotarumyst | xiahdreams | YouJuChan | bigmow | Bbung | notochrasy | Tokyo
mixer: indoorlawnchair

11. Show me Your Love (DBSK & SJ) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: babiixrose | notochrasy | lindeRT101 | newismyname | shiki0014 | Tomie | stillwishing27 | sakurablosom | Honey | s e ii . ha | xiahdreams
mixer: newismyname

12. Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas (Ranma ½) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: LuvDaisuke | Tomie | xiahdreams | 21cssk | ladestiny92 | Kyorami | Arigatouima
mixer: Tomie

13. Sweet Merry Christmas (Vocaloid) 「 L I S T E N 」

singers: ladestiny92 (Len) | Arigatouima (Rin) | MoonStorm21 (Kaito) | musiccutie (Miku) | ichigojuice (Meiko) | rhea (Gakupo)
mixer: Arigatouima

14. Love in The Ice Japanese Version (DBSK) 「 L I S T E N 」

Raining Asians: LuvDaisuke | Kebinu | LunaChama
mixer: Kebinu

BONUS. Member Messages 「 L I S T E N 」

mixer: mysticwater
10 December 2010 @ 12:31 pm
[Solo 177] Tomiya's Johnny's Pre-Christmas Release!!  
From Tomiya:
Hello everyone so here are my new covers of some newer songs from Johnnys artist!
This is mine like pre-christmas release! XD So yeah check it! And I hope you like it!
Also adjust youre volume beacuse I dont know anymore if everysong is mixed so good when your looking on volume so yeah!
Thank you! Enjoy like I did! ^____^



~Hatenai Sora~

~Ano Hi no Merry Christmas~


~Only Dreaming~


~Fighting Man~
(personaly my favourite cover from all ^^)




~Change Your World~


~Hitomi no Screen~
01 May 2010 @ 11:27 am
[PP 202] Hey! Say! JUMP - Ultra Music Power  
Let's jump because here is MiniPralin's second pp~
Posted Image

Posted ImageTEAM JUMPPosted Image
Chinen Yuri - MiniPralin
Morimoto Ryutaro - Rhea
Nakajima Yuuto - Yuya
Okamoto Keito - LuChu
Yamada Ryosuke - Foshio88
Arioka Daiki - Musiccutie
Inoo Kei - Luna
Kota Yabu - Minachi
Takaki Yuya - Arigatouima
Yaotome Hikaru - 0ceana
mixer: Arigatouima

Posted ImageTEAM FIGHTPosted Image
Chinen Yuri - Honey
Morimoto Ryutaro - Kyllia
Nakajima Yuuto - Ladestiny92
Okamoto Keito - sushiidropxX
Yamada Ryosuke - Casali0810
Arioka Daiki - Sephiel
Inoo Kei - Sakurablosom
Kota Yabu - Dinokakachan
Takaki Yuya - Indoorlawnchair
Yaotome Hikaru - 0ceana
mixer: MiniPralin
23 April 2010 @ 04:49 pm
[Solo 124] Dinokakachan - UMP  
dinokakachan sings us hsj's song

Posted Image

Dinokakachan - UMP
06 April 2010 @ 03:25 pm
[PP 195] Hey! Say! JUMP - Hitomi no Screen  
Third release today? Man, we're on a rollll. This time it's Kyllia's PP~
I had a little trouble mixing 10 people so it's not that great but I tried my best x.X

Posted Image


♫ Hey! Say! JUMP - Hitomi no Screen ♫

Hey! Say! 7
Yamada Ryosuke - kohaku_96
Chinen Yuri - musiccutie
Morimoto Ryutaro - sushiidropxX
Nakajami Yuto - Aralana
Okamoto Keito - cuizy MiniPralin

Hey! Say! BEST
Yabu Kota - Kyllia
Takaki Yuya - HiRymes
Yaotome Hikaru - ladestiny92
Inoo Kei - LuChu
Arioka Daiki - Minachi
Mixer - Kyllia
08 November 2009 @ 09:43 pm
[Newb 01] First Debut  
Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally out! Let's give a round of applause to all the newbs that have participated in this project. Congratulations on your debut, guys :) Thanks a lot to all the new members who joined, making this project a big success. Also, thanks to all those who helped with covering and mixing. You guys made this release possible at this point of time.

Enjoy listening~ And we hope to see you newbs participating in projects soon :D

Posted Image


01. Cherish

Team Northeast 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Ariel, Hitomi, Nyantachan, YamapiXmas, Kimitsu, keiko8, notochrasy, pawneternal, Kyorami, Luna, Tomiya, harmonies
Mixer: indoorlawnchair

Team Southwest 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Akiha_Tohno, HeroinLamb, HeroinLamb, Landy, Kojima, cryptokanji, kebinu, roxxilol, bluesky, Luna, Kyorami, ino-chan
Mixer: kebinu

02. Real Face

Team Jungle 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Hitomi, Kyorami, Luna, Nyantachan, Yuriski, Kimitsu, jaslyn92, HeroinLamb, Realllyconfused
Mixer: Hitomi

Team Mountain 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: HeroinLamb, HikariNoNiji, Tomiya, ichigojuice, kebinu, niji_no_namida, pawneternal, Kyorami, cryptokanji
Mixer: hotarumyst

03. Ulta Music Power

Team Hey! 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: kebinu, Hanyou_Foxgirl, HikariNoNiji, Kyllia, SingyeEx, Yuriski, ladestiny92, Nyantachan
Mixer: kebinu

Team Say! 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: keiko8, niji_no_namida, notochrasy, roxxilol, shouie_yuri, bluesky, Kimitsu, cryptokanji, Kojima, ino-chan
Mixer: kebinu

04. Okaeri

Team Sweet 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: Tokyo, YamapiXmas, debx3, Akiha_Tohno, Realllyconfused
Mixer: Arigatouima

Team Home 「 L I S T E N 」
Singers: SingyeEx, ichigojuice, jaslyn92, keiko8, misty blue
Mixer: YamapiXmas

NOTE: pawneternal and roxxilol's parts (...and some UMP2 adlibs) are temporarily replaced. Something happened with their recordings, but they wouldn't be able to submit their recordings again any time soon. For the sake of all of us, we're releasing this now, using parts from the other teams to temporarily replace their parts. Once they come back and are able to upload their parts, we will update with the new version
06 September 2009 @ 04:43 pm
[Duet 55] Kebinu & Keiko8 - Fly Again & Mayonaka no Shadow Boy  
kebinu and keiko8, the two active guys of AK, sing two songs together~

NEWS - Fly Again

Hey!Say!Jump - Mayonaka Shadow Boys
on AK's YT Channel