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asiankaraoke ([personal profile] asiankaraoke) wrote on April 7th, 2011 at 09:31 pm
[Duet 200] Doomi - LOTUS
 YAY DUET 200~~~~yeah, me and tomiya finally gave ourselves a name HAHA. it's awesome, don't try to deny the truth.

okay, so, the chorus harmonies were like the most obscure things ever .____. i recorded my main parts like...2 weeks ago or something. and, well, i think i got the the high harmonies but FFFFFFF THOSE LOW HARMONIES WERE SO LOW. i was like /dying/ while trying to reach them. so...they're quiet. very HAHA

and tomiya put autotune on the epic ohno adlib cause he believes that it exists there. clearly he's a bit craaaazy ;D

so, um, sorry for the mixing fail. if you guys hear any. idunno, i'm not quite satisfied by this. (probably because my parts suck. why is this song so low)

Posted Image
....i couldn't resist


Doomi - LOTUS
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