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[PP 321] SNSD - Best Friend Mistake
kattherine_luvteuk's pp is finally done!
we are on a roll

Posted Image

My Bestfriend


Team Joy
Taeyeon - Bbung
Jessica - shiki0014
Sunny - rosie
Tiffany - ichigojuice
Hyoyeon - babiixrose
Yuri - meikimari
Sooyoung - Seagull
Yoona - Momohana
Seohyun - Kia~
mixer - babiixrose

Team Promise
Taeyeon - indoorlawnchair
Jessica - YouJuChan
Sunny - stillwishing27
Tiffany - sakurablosom
Hyoyeon - asuka10092
Yuri - notochrasy
Sooyoung - xiahdreams
Yoona - Arigatouima
Seohyun - ~FE~
mixer - sakurablosom



Team Fault
Taeyeon - stillwishing27
Jessica - musiccutie
Sunny - kattherine_luvteuk
Tiffany - shiki0014
Hyoyeon - Seagull
Yuri - babiixrose
Sooyoung - Momohana
Yoona - asuka10042
Seohyun - Bbung
mixer - babiixrose

Team Fool
Taeyeon - saukurablosom
Jessica - ~FE~
Sunny - notochrasy
Tiffany - kellyl257
Hyoyeon - rosie
Yuri - Arigatouima
Sooyoung - indoorlawnchair
Yoona - YouJuChan
Seohyun - xiahdreams
mixer - sakurablosom
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